Is there free battery operated motorcycle for toddlers sample provided?
Please contact our Customer Service for the information about the sample of battery operated motorcycle for toddlers . The cost depends on the type of sample and whether a new tool is needed to produce its components. When ordering a factory sample that is already made instead of being manufactured according to the required design and specification, for example, you normally only need to pay for shipping. However, when ordering custom product samples, you may end up paying sn amount of money - all depending on the cost of the tool (if any).

Being engaged in developing, designing and producing helps Jiaxing Tusi Toys Co., Ltd. to develop better in the market. kids motorcycle series manufactured by Tusi include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. It has a sturdy structure. Made of metal or plastic materials which feature high hardness and toughness, it is not vulnerable to break. Equipped with holes for MP3 and USB, it can play music. Whether this product is meant for retail or is going to be used for shipping, it is more than just a way to protect the merchandise. It is the first impression of a brand. With a power display board, it can timely remind people of charging it.

Tusi takes pride in its unique culture and great organizational soul, and we will not let you down. Welcome to visit our factory!
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