Where is Tusi located?
The location of Jiaxing Tusi Toys Co., Ltd.can be obtained on our website, or you can contact our staff to get to know more detailed information. It has a very convenient place, with the highest quality and brings many customers to visit. You are welcome to check it out. Just contact in advance and it will arrange for staff to pick you up at the designated location.

With the assistance of our professional kids motorcycle, Tusi owns the enough capability to produce kids motorcycle. ride ons series manufactured by Tusi include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. The product features high specific energy. The electrode materials can release as much as electricity when they have electrode reaction. It is equipped with energy-saving LED headlights. This product provides detailed information that clients will need to know, through which most of the clients will develop an idea of a brand and eventually lead to increased sales. The soft-start technology prevents kids from being frightened by sudden acceleration or braking.

Since its establishment, Tusi has always adhered to the people-oriented business philosophy. Contact!
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