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Tusi toys is one company that manufacturing, sourcing, and exporting all kinds of children’s ride on toys. Such as cars, bikes, balance bikes, tricycles, go karts, scooters, and strollers. We not only have our own manufacturer facility at Anhui province, but also we have one team in charge of sourcing, marketing, shipping, quality control, customer service. Especially we have our own QC team following our internal standards and checking the quality under AQL sampling sizes.


We Offer More than 6 Categories


Our product are sold to more than 60 Countries


More than 600,000 families bought Tusi Products

Look For More? We also cover other categories as below listed for your choice.

Carton drop test from Tusi Toys!

If you worried about the quality of our products,please check this video.

Our aim is not to sell defective products.This is also the reason why we can take the lead in kids car industry

about us

Our factory is located at Pinghu city close to Shanghai.We are professional on manufacturing all kinds of children ride on toys such as Licensed Mercedes Benz,Lamborghini and other self-innovated models for your Custom design We have been selling to more than 35 countries over the world while been working with well-known brands or stores like Walmart,Fomosa,KIDSRIDES ,Carrefour.etc worldwide. Our factory covers an area of 25,000 sqm and we have equipped 21 iniection machines to offer our customers OEM and ODM service.

New Products
  • How to connect the remote control of children's toy car?

    A child's toy car can be replaced with a remote control if it is lost. The main control circuit box of an electric vehicle is opened to see the receiver IC model. Generally, the car will be pasted with the frequency label, which is generally pasted on the chassis. Find the model and match one accord...

  • What kinds of toy cars are there for children?

    Toy car can develop the baby's motor ability, training perception, arouse curiosity, etc., with the progress of science and technology, the type of children's toy car increased rapidly, roughly divided into the following categories.