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At the TUSI TOYS, we’re playing our part in building a sustainable future and creating a better world for our children to inherit. Find out how we’re joining forces with others to have a lasting impact and inspire the children of today to become the builders of tomorrow.

Tusi Toys has announced additional renewable energy goals in its 2022 responsibility report, including the elimination of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film from all brand packaging by 2025.

The report introduced several other new goals and provided an update on the company's recent response to Covid-19 and social equality issues.

In addition to eliminating EPS foam and PVC film, Tusi Toys has also committed to producing and procuring energy from 335 megawatts of renewable and alternative energy projects by 2025, which is the equivalent to the amount of energy needed to power more than 90,000 homes.

As part of its existing pledge to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50% by 2035, the company reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 10% in 2019, driven mainly by energy reductions and supply chain efficiencies. 

"We believe our commitment to continuing progress on environmental, social and governance issues has made our company stronger, had a lasting impact on the environment, deepened our relationships with associates and customers, and created long-term shareholder value," said Sherry Cao, CEO and President of Tusi Toys. "I want to thanks our associates and suppliers for the significant progress we made last year and look forward to making meaningful progress in the future."

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