Precautions for playing children's scooters


Children's scooters are children's toys and belong to children's vehicles. Children often ride a scooter to exercise their flexibility, increase reaction speed, increase exercise volume, and strengthen the body's resistance. Although the scooter can be used for fitness, not everyone can play it.

1. The scooter should be used in a safe place, and should not be used on roads and some unsafe areas;

2. Be sure to use safety equipment, such as sports shoes, safety helmets, wrist guards, etc., and take safety measures;

3. Poor vision at night, so please do not use:

4. Children under the age of 8 must use it with protection;

5. Make sure that the screws and nuts are in good condition before use;

6. Please replace new tires when used to a certain extent, so as to avoid brake failure due to tire wear;

7. For the sake of safety, the structure cannot be changed at will;