Scooter, bicycle, balance scooter, which one is suitable for your children?


With the improvement of living standards, the living environment of contemporary children has improved a lot, and parents must do everything possible to meet the needs of their children. Take children's bikes, whether it is a scooter, a bicycle, or a balance bike, as long as it is what the child wants, parents will try their best to satisfy. But as parents, have you thought about so many children's vehicles, which one is suitable for your children? If you haven't thought about it, come and take a look at the following analysis!
Scooter is the most common model in the community. The price is cheap, easy to learn, and it is a child's entertainment artifact. As long as you have mastered the skills, stepping on the scooter can allow children to fully experience the invigoration brought by speed. Children can also exercise balance and courage through scooters, but because there is no professional threshold, safety is low.
Buying strategy: You can start with a junior scooter (two wheels in the front and one wheel in the back) when your baby is about 2 years old. When your baby's balance is improved, you can buy a scooter with "one wheel at the front and rear".


Bicycles are the cars we are most familiar with. Bicycle exercises are not limited in time or speed. Cycling can not only strengthen the body, but also regulate emotions. Generally speaking, 3~4 year old babies can start to try children's bicycles, but pay attention to safety protection.
Buying strategy: Choose the right bicycle according to your child's age and athletic ability. Generally speaking, the younger the child, it is recommended to buy bicycles with smaller wheels. For the child's growth, it is recommended to choose an adjustable seat height to adapt to the child's growing height. It's best to go with your children and try it out when you buy it. The actual riding feeling is very important.

Balance car

Compared with scooters and bicycles, balance bikes are very friendly to young babies, with high safety factor and low mastery difficulty. As long as they are 2 to 6 years old, they can ride with confidence. Unlike scooters that emphasize speed, balance bikes focus more on training children's hand-eye coordination and mastery of big movements. There are not too many demands on the smoothness of the road, and the potholes can be played very high as well.
The biggest feature of the balance bike is: no pedals, auxiliary wheels and chains. The child needs to push on the ground continuously with his feet to provide power. When the speed is up and the balance point is found, the small feet can be stowed and the car will slide smoothly. When the speed slows down, the small feet can be used to continue pedaling to supplement the power. . The balance bike can help babies improve their leg strength and sense of balance. As a part of the core physical fitness of the human body, the sense of balance plays an important role in children's operational ability, intelligence, emotional intelligence, and psychological development.