Are children's scooters safe?


Skateboarding originated in the United States in the early 1960s and evolved from surfing on the sea. Compared with surfing, which is restricted by geography and climate, skateboarding obviously has a greater degree of freedom, and it has also formed its own language, skills, clothing style and music hobby. It is characterized by sliding behavior and is not limited to a fixed pattern. It requires skateboarders to freely exert their imagination and create power during the movement.

It is understood that playing a scooter can improve cardiorespiratory function, strengthen leg muscles and strengthen arm strength, effectively stretch leg ligaments, promote bone development, prevent backaches, and can effectively improve people’s balance and response capabilities, and enhance sensitivity and coordination. It is an ideal choice for physical fitness and skill training. The scooter is very interesting, not restricted by seasons and venues, and has a small cost. Therefore, it is not only popular with students, but also by some adults.

Skateboarding is very simple. There are no too difficult skills. As long as you have the courage and are not afraid of falling, you can master the basic skills and simple tricks in a week. To skateboard, you must first learn to slide. Place your weight on the foot of the central axis, lean forward slightly, and drag your feet to support the ground rhythmically. When you want to stop, don't always use the tail brake. When you want to stop, first lower the front foot and then drag the ground with your foot to stop the board, so as to maintain the flexibility of the board. Practice turning after walking and stopping. Use your feet to apply force to make the skateboard tilt, and then coordinate with the rotation of your hands, waist and other parts of your body to control the turning angle. After mastering these basic movements, you can play all kinds of tricks. Remember to bring good music when playing board, which can greatly promote your board skills.

In fact, skateboarding has many similarities with the familiar roller skating. They are both street transportation tools and popular outdoor sports. However, skateboarding is a little more difficult to control, with higher skills and more tricks. The skateboard only relies on the friction between the sole and the board to drive the body to move. Not only does it need to be high in the air, the action must be beautiful, and the feet cannot leave the board when landing. The slight exertion of heels and toes will greatly affect balance and stability.

Although skateboarding is fun and exciting, players should pay special attention to the fact that due to the flexible body of the scooter, it is easy for the player to lose balance and fall. Whether novice or experienced "rider", it should be as flat and open as possible in parks, squares, etc. , Play in places with few vehicles, and wear gloves, wrist guards, elbow guards, knee guards, helmets and other protective gear. In addition, the speed of the scooter is very fast when sliding, and the player's response must be agile. Children under the age of 8 are not suitable for skateboarding.