How to choose a safe electric car for your child


1. Body material
When choosing an electric car for your child, you should choose materials that have national quality certification, and are not bulky, easy to move, no odor, and high in safety, so as to protect your child's body safety more effectively. The comfort of the seat when choosing, after all, it is in close contact with the child's small butt, making him feel very comfortable.
2. The quality and production of the car
The quality of all parts of children's electric vehicles must be strictly required to see whether the welding is firm, whether the accessories on the car are fixed, and whether they fall off easily, so that the children can play happily while the parents are more at ease. And the welding between the frame should not have sharp corners or edges to prevent scratching the child. The distance between the seat and the pedals should also be suitable for the child's leg length, otherwise the child twists and turns on the seat, which is not good for his development.
3. Handlebar
When choosing children's electric vehicles, the handlebars should also be the object of our choice. The handlebars should have anti-slip function, strong, and easy to control the direction. The handlebars should not be too big, and the handlebars should be designed to fit the size of children's small hands. At the same time, it also increases the children's hand-eye coordination and responsiveness.
4. Seat belt
Good-quality electric vehicles should also be equipped with seat belts, and electric vehicles should be equipped with seat belts. When children are playing accidentally, they can protect them from too much harm and protect their safety in many ways.
5. Simple operation
The kind of electric car with simple operation should be chosen for the child, which is easier for the child to master, so that the child can easily learn to drive the electric car, and bring the fun of driving and playing to the child.
6. Wheel thickness

The thickness of the wheel should be 8-15cm, and the width should be 20-25cm. In this way, the tires are relatively thick, and if there are anti-skid rings in the tires, the anti-slip effect can be better achieved, which can help prevent the children from hurting when they are just learning.