Precautions for using strollers


Some mothers do not pay attention to the precautions when using the stroller, so it is easy to cause some small injuries to the baby. So, what should I pay special attention to when using a stroller?

1. Safety inspections are required before use, such as whether the nuts and screws in the car are loose, whether the recliner part is flexible and usable, and whether the wheel brakes are flexible and effective. If there is a problem, it must be dealt with in time.

2. The baby must wear the waist belt when riding in the car. The length and size of the waist belt should be adjusted. The tightness should be put into the four fingers of an adult. It is best to leave 3 cm at the end of the adjustment part. Never use it with the seat belt unfastened, and don't let your baby get up from the car.

3. Where there is a slope, the stroller will automatically slide and tip over, causing injury to the baby. Remember to brake when parking. When the baby is sitting in the car, the mother is not allowed to leave at will.

4. When pushing the baby for a walk, if the baby is asleep, let him lie down, so as not to overload the waist and be injured. Do not put the car near the fire, the plastic parts may be deformed due to high temperature, causing the stroller to not work normally.