How to choose a baby stroller


1. Choose according to the age of the baby: For babies under 7 months of age, because they cannot sit or stand, they should choose a dual-purpose stroller with an adjustable backrest. This kind of stroller can generally lie flat at a large angle, and some can even be 180 degrees. Lie flat. Babies over 7 months old can sit and stand, and can choose a stroller with fewer functions but strong portability. If the economic conditions are better, you can also choose an ordinary stroller or a multifunctional stroller.

2. Choose according to travel conditions: If the road conditions are good and the road is flat without many potholes, you can choose a stroller with general shock absorption performance; if the road conditions are not flat enough, there are many potholes, and more bumpy, you should choose to avoid Stroller with good vibration performance. If the baby likes outdoor activities very much, and the travel distance is relatively long, you can choose a lightweight, small folding stroller, so that you can hold the baby in one hand, and the stroller will not be too fortunate;
3. Cost-effective: Some strollers have accessories like foot-wrapped quilts or rain covers, but some do not. So check which accessories are included in the price of your stroller when buying, and then compare it with other similar strollers.
4. The safety factor of the stroller: The safety of the stroller is very important. A stroller should include a shoulder belt, a waist belt and a hip belt, and it must be able to adjust the length of the seat belt to stabilize the baby in the car. It should be noted that when the seat belt is buckled and adjusted properly, the car must be stable and will not loosen slowly due to the baby's activities in the car, thus losing the role of protecting the baby.